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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Review: Winter Eve by Lia Davis

There comes a time when setting your differences aside isn’t just necessary, it’s a means of survival. After losing over half of their dens to a group rogue shifters, the wolves and leopards merged as one Pack, but living together is much more of a challenge then they expected.

Danica Welsh was born to be the leopard pack healer. An accident involving a drug induced youth left her badly burned and scared—emotionally and physically. Without the ability to heal by touch, she secludes herself to the edge of town, away from Ashwood Falls’ overly concerned citizens. All hope of mating and family become a distance dream. When she finally starts to accepts the long, lonely existence ahead of her, a stranger crashes into her life, and her heart. 

After Nevan Mathews’ fiancé died three ago, he submerged himself into his work, cutting off all reminders of a life he dreamed of with the woman he loved. He lets his step-mother talk him into taking the first vacation in five years to visit for the holidays. But an accident delays his travel plans, sending him to Danica’s doorstep and raises a need he thought he would never feel again. 
Can they tear down the walls around their hearts and submit to the passion before another claims Dani for his own? 

Warning: Contains a shifter who's scars run deeper than skin, a human who has the heart of a shifter, and a snow storm that's sure to have them both reaching for warmth.

Kitten's Review: 

WinterEve is a warm short read that introduces us to the series Ashwood Falls; a town in which shifters thrive and follow their own set of rules. With some sexy men and independent strong women that I loved we follow the romance of Danica and Nevan. I have to be honest, I really struggled to rate this story. I am struggling now to review it. Although, I really loved the world building in this story, and all the character surrounding the lead two, I didn’t totally connect with Danica and Nevan. I really wanted to care if they fell in love and ended up together, I just didn’t. As character they were written well, as a match they fell slightly short in the connection part for me. Lia is a solid writer that made me believe that this town existed in the beautiful snow covered region of America, but I really fought to want these two to be together. Nevan was a conflicted character that had grown up with shifters, and therefore was acceptable for Danica to mate with. However, toss in an angry shifter that wants to ‘take care of her’, you have your conflict. I think I liked Jared more. He was pure male aggression and he knew what he wanted. With a woman that brings him to his knees he would make one heck of a book! I really want to continue the Ashwood Falls series. The other character made me curious and made me want some more, a full length book where the main characters have more time to find a romance that was true and honest. I recommend Winter Eve to those that love their shifter books!

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