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Friday, January 13, 2012

Review: Surrender Dorothy by R.G. Alexander

Surrender Dorothy
Author: R.G. Alexander
Genre: Erotic Fantasy Romance
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd
Length: 68 Pages
Buy Links: Amazon, NOOK, All Romance

5 of 5 Stars!

Blurb: What Happens When a Wicked Wizard Woos a Wary Witch?
Sequel to Not in Kansas
Dorothy knows her new neighbor is too wicked to be trusted. As a natural witch, she recognizes the Wizard for what he truly is. As a woman, she recognizes him as a threat to her sanity.
Z has tried everything. Pursued her in dreams, bribed her cat, enticed her with peep shows meant to whet her appetite and drive her crazy. And still she resists. What-s a Wizard to do? He came to Earth to have an adventure, not lose his heart to the one witch whose guard he can-t get past.
When he finally gets his hands on her, the power between them is undeniable. But Dorothy-s family secret could make him sorry she surrendered.
Warning: Voyeurism, lurid dreams, raunchy dirty wizard sex in public places.
Kitten's Review: Just when I thought Not in Kansas was good. She had to take the hunky Wizard from the first book. Dump him right smack in the middle of California with a woman named Dorothy. A shy, curvy, and push over female that also happens to be a witch. A very powerful witch that is also the soul mate to said hot ‘Wizard of Oz’. After a fantastic ‘light bondage’ (no ropes, think invisible bondage Wizard of Oz style) the Wizard is summoned back to Oz, and leaves our poor Dorothy with a way into Oz if she should need to come to him.

This story was laced with hot erotic scenes and was even better than Not in Kansas. It added in more elements of the original story, you get a takes of Glinda, some ‘flying monkeys’, and other mystical creatures that all over sexed and aren’t ashamed of it. Let me tell you, if I had known that Oz was the land of sex, I would have hopped on the first Twister and taken my happy butt there a long time ago.

I think this story had more of a pleasing effect on me because of the light bondage and spanking that was in it. This was one of the most pleasing erotic romances I have read in a very long time. The fantasy was great, the storyline was new and fresh, and I wish she would write just ONE MORE in this series so I can sit back and indulge in another trip to the land of Oz.

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